The number of the crown theeth divided by the number of the pignion theeth is the final gear ratio of our car.Of course the final gear ratio of a car is in relationship with several other factors such as the tire diameter, but it is better not to try to modify the final gear ratio of a car by switching to different tire diameter than the stock because we can modify the suspension setup and angles of the car and make it unstable and crabby.The big advantage of a shorter final gear ratio than the stock is more token when driving in bended mountain roads and during heavy acceleration without downshifting.

The known crownwheel/pignion combinations for Peugeot/Citroen cars are as follows:


13/59 106 1.3 Rallye final gear ratio 4,54:1
106 1.4 xsi final gear ratio 4,29:1
106 1.6 8V Rallye final gear ratio 4,06:1
106 1.6 16V Rallye final gear ratio 3,93:1
307 1.6 16V final gear ratio 4,69:1
17/64 206 1.6 16V final gear ratio 3,77:1
Peugeot sport final gear ratio 4,92:1

The same combinations can be found also in other car.Above are mentioned the most known.

When do I have to change the final gear ratio of my car?

You can change the final gear ratio right from the beggining before any other modification in order to "wake up" a sleepy engine that is designed for highway trips.

Do I have to change anything else when changing the final gear ratio?

No you do not have to change anything else , unless you have a weared clutch.Generally speaking it is a good opportunity since you take of the gearbox to make some works that require the gearbox to be of the car i.e. lightening and balancing the flywheel.

What else can I do to get a closer gearbox?

The only other way is to change the stock gearbox with a close ratio one.In this case you change completely the gear ratios of all gears and you help the engine to rev in its optimum range.

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