Cylinder Head Preparation

Engine power is a result of the pressure developed by burning the fuel in the engine.

There are generally five ways to increase engine power.

  • Burn the fuel that is entering the engine more completely.
  • Decrease the parasitic power losses within the engine.
  • Increase the thermal efficiency of the engine.
  • Increase the amount of fuel entering the engine.
  • Increase the revs of the engine.

Cylinder heads have a significant effect on three of the five methods for increasing engine power.Thermal efficiency, Burn fuel efficiency and Volumetric efficiency has to do with the shape and design of the cylinder head.

Thermal Efficiency
To improve the thermal efficiency of an engine we have to polish the combustion chamber and the piston top to achive higher engine operating temperatures.

Burn Efficiency
There are some factors affecting burn efficiency which the engine builder has little or no control over such as the combustion chamber design and the overall port design. The engine builder has control over the compression ratio , the intake port surface texture , the intake port design , the piston top design , the ignition timing and the camshaft timing. Ideally the compression ratio should be as high as possible without encountering pre-ignition or detonation.

Volumetric Efficiency
Volumetric efficiency is the ratio between the theoretical amount of airflow through the engine and the actual amount of airflow through the engine.The reduction in flow between actual and theoretical is due to flow obstructions and the limited time available for air to fill the cylinder.By polishing the intake ports and altering the valve seats we remove any flow obstructions that might be there from the molding procedure of the cylinder head.If we fit a cam profile with more radical lift and duration than the stockprofile we automatically achived more time to fill the cylinder with more air/fuel mixture.During the cylinder head preparation procedure all the flow obstructions are removed , the diameter of the intake port is altered together with the valve seat diameter.Then all the angles are polished to become more rounded.Finally we have to ensure the correct fittment between the intake and exhaust manifolds and the cylinder head.

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