Citroen Cylinder Heads

Cylinder Head preparation - LIOLIOS RACING
Brand Car Model Displacement
Citroën Berlingo 1.4 8V
Citroën Berlingo 1.6 16V
Citroën BX 1.4 8V
Citroën BX 1.9 16V
Citroën Saxo 1.1 8V spi
Citroën Saxo 1.1 8V mpi
Citroën Saxo 1.4 8V spi
Citroën Saxo 1.4 8V mpi
Citroën Saxo 1.6 8V
Citroën Saxo 1.6 16V
Citroën C2 1.1 8V
Citroën C2 1.4 8V
Citroën C2 1.6 16V
Citroën C3 1.1 8V
Citroën C3 1.4 8V
Citroën C3 1.6 16V
Citroën C4 1.6 16V
Citroën Xantia 2.0 16V
Citroën Xsara 1.4 8V
Citroën Xsara 1.6 16V
Citroën Xsara 1.8 16V
Citroën Xsara 2.0 16V
Citroën ZX 1.4 8V
Citroën ZX 1.6 8V
Citroën ZX 1.9 8V
Citroën ZX 2.0 8V
Citroën ZX 1.8 16V
Citroën ZX 2.0 16V

Note: All the above mentioned Cylinder Heads are ready to be delivered in exchange of your cylinder head