Engine Management

Our company is involed also in the engine management area.We develop ECU programms for any tunning stage of your car.The new ECU programm is fitted in the engine computer through the OBD II diagnostic port of the car by using the engine management software of Frieling Racing company.For older car models the new programm is fitted though a chip programmer.

Basic principles
The ECU is composed of a microprocessor connected to a memory (eprom or chip) where the values of the advance points and the fundamental injection times are recorded.The operational state of the motor and its characteristics are monitored by sensors.These sensors then transmit the collected data in the form of electric signals to the ecu or to a microcalculator, that determines exactly the amount of fuel required for good operation of the motor, and establishes with precision, the optimal timing and opening duration of every electromagnetic injection.

Use the following files to check whether a Liolios Racing ECU remapping is available for your car.

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