The flywheel is virtually the battery of the engine.It stores energy mechanically in the form of kinetic energy.It is placed in the back of the crankshaft and it releases power between the ingnition cycles of the engine helping the engine to maintain the cruising speed and to have a stable idle.The weight and size of the flywheel is in relation with the engine that is fitted.In the back of the flywheel we can find the clutch mechanism.Generally speaking most stock production cars have heavier flywheel than the one that is really needed.

By removing weight from the flywheel we achive minimum power losses and help the engine to rev more freely.While the stock flywheel of a Peugeot engine weighs around 5.7 Kgr by removing mass with final target weight around 5 Kgr we achive stable idle and high rev amounts.

Check the following .pdf files to see whether a Liolios Racing flywheel is available for your car. 

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