Frieling Racing Chip Tuning Tools

Frieling Racing offers the following Chip tuning software and checksum correction tools:

  • Eprom Wizard - The leading chip tuning software.
  • Checksum algorithms that are used in modern ecu's as a protection against ecu's software manipulation or software errors. These algorithms must be used to correct the checksum results after tuning the ecu's software.
  • Project files for use with our chip tuning software. These files contain all information about the BIN file including maps, limits, break points and notes for easy and safe tuning. The same project files are used by us to tune our modified files. All information supplied with the project files has been tested by our R & D department.
  • Tuned files. Frieling-Racing performance tuned files are tuned using our 14 years of experience, advanced dynamometer and the best chip tuning tools available. All our tuned files have been tested and proven to maintain long term engine reliability and comply with emission regulations.

Frieling Racing offers the following Hardware and electronics:

  • Eprom emulators. Our 16Bit Emulator has been specially designed for chip tuning purposes. With 16Bit memory architecture and 512K of memory almost any type of ecu can be emulated. Using the emulator with Eprom Wizard chip tuning software is the ideal way for successful chip tuning.
  • Chip protection boards. Our advanced protection boards are manufactured by us in our facilities. These protection boards were designed using the most advanced electronic components and the most complicated scrambling technique. All protection boards come with their unique scrambling software.

Eprom Wizard program presentation
Eprom Wizard -
The leading chip tuning software. Supports all types of binary files used in engine control units. Written in C++ and Assembler makes this software a very powerful and fast tool for the professionals.It is a customizable software for ECU tuning and is used by leading Racing Team's around the world ( Rally, Touring, Motorcycles, Offroad ) and by most European, Asiatic and American car tuners .Eprom Wizard is general purpose and the tuner can customize it to work with different cars , truck and motorcycles .The software can work with all ECU's where there is a memory chip that contains the maps . All advanced ECU's have the software inside a readable and rewritable chip so the tuner can use Eprom Wizard on a wide range of vehicles for racing and standard cars.

With Eprom Wizard you can:

  • Study the ECU's maps using the STUDY window , showing the Trace of the used address (when an Eprom Emulator with trace option is connected)
  • Record all setting for the maps using the MAP WIZARD
  • Create your own PROJECT with all information and settingyou have about the car
  • Make different map settings using 3D and 2D graphs and try it in RealTime (when an Eprom Emulator with realtime option is connected)
  • Write the new tuned CHIP using an EPROM Programmer.

Eprom Wizard is designed to work on new ECU's that use 32 bit CPU's and 16 bit Memory chips. (Old ECU's are also supported). Eprom Wizard is a full 32 bit Software that runs on 32 bit Windows Operating Systems. Eprom Wizard does not need setting files and enables the tuners to work free going to the kernel of the problems. Using the Emulator with Trace and RealTime it can offer you professional features, for example see the trace on multiple windows at the same time and RealTime tuning during tracing.

The tuner, during work, has no limit about the following features:

  • Number of opened files (It is possible to Copy & Paste)
  • Number of opened Windows
  • Number of tuned files and maps inside the projects
  • Memory size

Very important is the full customizable Checksum that helps the tuner to understand and adjust the Checksum after the tuning (very important to "hide" the tuning work to the protection systems). With this feature it is possible to compensate the Checksum at 8-16-32-64 bit on different positions (more than one position) and inside the maps too.

Eprom Wizard can work with external components for Algorithm protection (complex checksum and other more complex algorithms like CRC , Mirror and others).The ALG files are optional modules that can be applied to Eprom Wizard.Using these ALG files Eprom Wizard will be able to recognize the BIN files with advanced protection (more complex than CheckSum that can be corrected with standard tools of EpromWizard). These ALG files must be installed on your operating system using the Eprom Wizard Component Manager utility:

After installation your Eprom Wizard will be able to automatically recognize the BIN file and correct the protections data for you automatically.

The ALG files can be developed as soon as the protection Algorithm is discovered and can be applied to existing Eprom Wizard software by simply installing it.

All commands are available from Menus, Keyboard (for a simple use also inside the car) and with the Mouse.

Eprom Wizard is available in English and Italian languages, with Help Online about Software using . The customers can get advantage from free online aftermarket service.

The basic version can work in static mode (without Eprom Emulator). To use Trace and Realtime Eprom Wizard needs the optional Software driver for Eprom Emulator.

Eprom Wizard features:

Study window
The study window is the starting point of all new projects . From this window you can search the maps inside the BIN File (the image files of the chip). You can view the maps using a lot of different formats (very important on new ECU's). If you like (important for first impressions) you can make some modifications (also in RealTime mode). You can see (bottom of the screen) the used address (using the trace option).

This way you can understand in short time these important parameters:

  • When a map is in use (what situation, like acceleration, idle, full load...)
  • What are the input variables ( RPM, Load, temperature...)
  • How the input variables work inside the map
  • What are the output parameter (Fuel Injection, spark advance, Boost limit...)

This applies for all maps including correction maps (very difficult to find with no professional systems). The Study Window gives you all the most important tools like:

  • Fast search
  • Compare with other BIN file
  • Shift from Standard and Compared file (to compare files from different cars)
  • Fast browsing inside the file
  • Horizontal and Vertical Zoom
  • Advanced Format configurations (8-16 bit, Swap, Sign)
  • Undo changes to Standard file
  • Modification of single point or wide area
  • Percentage or Shift modifications
  • Copy & Paste (inside the same file or with different files)
  • Standard and Advanced CheckSum

After a first study it is possible to select and separate the maps from other data , and run the Map Wizard to create the 2D and 3D maps.

Map Wizard

When You have selected the map from Study Window you can run the Map Wizard and with a few simple steps, see how the Trace works and insert the relevant parameters.

With a few steps you create your custom Map Setting, and create 2D and 3D maps. This is the better way to record all informations you will use for your custom tuning.


This procedure is done only once because in the future you will use the ready maps setting that you can record inside the Project .

In the first page you can see how the trace is moving inside the plane of the 3D map so you can simply set the variable names and unit of measure. On the next pages you will insert the min and max values for each input variable that work on the map. After the input informations you can test the output variables (with a RealTime percentage tuning) and insert Name and Unit of measure of output variable. Last page shows you all the setting values and asks to confirm a name for the Map. Different Map Wizard will be performed for 2D, 3D and 1 Point Map (like RPM Limiters).

Project Wizard
The Eprom Wizard Project is a File (with PRJ extension) that cancontainany of the file types used by Eprom Wizard (BIN, MAP, TXT and CHK). This is a like a database container that can organize your work.


You can make a new PRJ for each car and inside it you can insert for example :

  • The standard BIN file
  • 1 TXT file with notes and informations
  • 1 Advance CheckSum setting
  • All tuned BIN files you like
  • All MAP files you like

In this way, as soon as You open a Project you already have all the information loaded inside Eprom Wizard.

The project can speed up most important command like the construction of new tuned file, BIN composition, automatic CheckSum and more...

Using the Project you also protect your tuned files with ReadOnly flag to prevent error during work . The project performs an auto saving every 3 minutes so you can't lose your work in case of problems with the PC, power supply or any other problems.

3D and 2D graphs
The most important features of Eprom Wizard are the 2D and 3D maps. You can simply create your own maps from the Study Window file using the Map Wizard. This way you can really work on kernel of the tuning, thinking only about the real tuning. You will have no problems about "maps understanding", units of measured values and window showing.


You will work in a better way , know how the ECU works ( with the tracing )and can know the real unit of measure for each parameter for each map . You can have a first impression viewing the shape that the map has.

You can rotate, zoom and move the maps. You can select an area and modify it or you can work on a single point. It is possible to openany map you like at the same time and activate the trace on all maps. You can for example open the Fuel Injection map and the Spark advance map at the same time and work in RealTime on these maps. You can open the basic maps and the maps that work only at full load and you can see when the full load starts to work (using the tracing). 

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