Quaife ATB Differential

Quaife ATB differential is a Torsen type differential.This type of differential provides an optimal compromise between the two primary functions of any differential i.e. transmittingprower to the drive axles and permitting independent rotation of the driven axles.These objectives are accomplished by associating the function of differentiation with a proportioning torque between drive axles.

Two types of torque transfer may be identified in differentials.The transfer of torque from the engine to the two drive axles and the transfer of torque between the drive axles.

An open differential delivers the same amount of torque to both drive axles.In this case if one of the drive wheels lose traction any attempt to deliver additional torque to the other drive wheel with better traction will result in spin up of the wheel with the poorer traction.

A torsen type differential exhibits a torque biasing characteristic which matches available engine power to changing driving conditions.Torque bias ratio is the maximum torque ratio which is supported by a particular differential. A 4:1 bias ratio means that the differential is capable of delivering to the drive wheel having better traction four times the amount which can be supported by the lower traction wheel.

The QUAIFE ATB differential is designed to prevent the complete loss of drive that occurs with a conventional differential when one wheel slips. Whilst requiring some torque in the slipping wheel, the QUAIFE unit is progressive in action but never locks - controlled power is transmitted to all the driving wheels. Ideally suited to high powered front wheel drive systems, QUAIFE ATB differentials are also used in rear and four wheel drive vehicles where optimum traction is required.

Sets of floating helical gear pinions mesh to provide the normal speed differential action. In the event of wheel slip, torque bias is generated by the axial and radial thrusts of the pinions in the pockets. The resultant friction force enables the driving road wheel and sun gear to transmit a greater proportion of the torque. This effect is progressive but at no stage does the differential lock solid, hence the inherent safety of the QUAIFE Automatic Torque Biasing differential. The latest competition development of this differential uses pressure pads on the ends of the pinions with which we can vary the amount of slip according to driver preference.

Installation is identical to the normal differential with bearing pre-loads and pinion mesh being restored to the original manufacturers' settings. Servicing of the unit is simple as all gear pinions are free fitting and normal final drive lubrication oils are retained. Due to the internal design of the QUAIFE ATB differential, all driving wheels must be elevated when servicing brakes, wheels etc.

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